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02615 Technical Data Sheet The information contained here is provided for product selection purposes only and is not to be considered specification or performance data. Under no circumstance will the seller be liable for any loss, damage, expense or incidental or consequential damage of any kind arising in connection with the use or inability to use its product. Specific conditions of sale and Chase's limited warranty are set out in detail in Chase Corporation Terms and Conditions of Sale. Those Terms and Conditions are the only source that contain Chase's limited warranty and other terms and conditions. SUBSTRATE COMPATIBILITY RECOMMENDED USE DESCRIPTION SURFACE PREPARATION APPLICATION FLEX Fabric Seam Tape is a easy to use economical andpermanent sealing tape that bonds to most materials, including roofing membranes, metals, plastics, and most other materials. This tape uses an elastomeric adhesive bonded to a woven polyester fabric backing for maximum conformability. FLEX Fabric Seam Tape can be used to seal leaking joints, seams, and cracks. Itis is designed to expand and contract without any cracking within normal roofing temperatures. FLEX Fabric Seam Tape is notdesigned for direct exposure to UV, but can be coated or painted with a UV resistant coating. FLEX Fabric Seam Tape is designed for sealing joints and seamswhere top coating is desired. It is ideal for metal buildings, mobile homes, manufactured housing, travel trailers, RV’s, utility trailers, and semi-trailers. It can be used to seal skylights, metal roof seams, flashings, penetrations, tears, fountains, tanks, planters, plaza decks, etc. FLEX Fabric Seam Tape may also be used as a detail materialwith other waterproofing and coating systems. FLEX Fabric Seam Tape will bond aggressively to mostmaterials, including: metals, plastics, roofing materials, wood, gypsum, concrete, brick, fiberglass and many previously painted surfaces. Perform adhesion test to confirm compatibility when required. Surface must be clean and dry, with no oils, grease or loose debris. Remove salt and other contaminants by pressure washing with a suitable detergent followed by a fresh water rinse. Rust and other adhered foreign matter should be removed by scraping or wire brushing followed by a solvent wipe. Center the FLEX Fabric Seam Tape over the seam, removing the plasticrelease liner gradually to prevent contamination of the adhesive prior to application. This material may be applied to clean dry surfaces above 40°F. For exposed applications a UV resistant coating should be applied over the tape to protect it from UV degradation. Topcoats can be applied directly to the fabric backing. 2

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02615 Typical Technical Data Property US Customary Metric Test Method Total Thickness 30 mils 0.76 mm ASTM D1000 Backing Thickness 11 mils 0.28 mm ASTM D1000 Adhesive Thickness 19 mils 0.48 mm ASTM D1000 Adhesion to Metal 12 lb/in 2.10 N/mm ASTM D1000 Adhesion to Wood 8 lb/in 1.40 N/mm ASTM D1000 Adhesion to TPO 8 lb/in 1.40 N/mm ASTM D1000 Tensile Strength 15 lb/in 2.63 N/mm ASTM D1000 Elongation 100% 100% ASTM D1000 Water Vapor Transmission Rate @100°F (38°C) <0.005 g/(24h*100 in²) <0.003 g/(h*m2) ASTM E96 Procedure B Water Absorption (adhesive) <0.5% <0.5% ASTM D570 Application Temperature Range* -20°F to +140°F -29°C to +60°CService Temperature Range -20°F to +140°F -29°C to +60°CFLEXROCK COATINGS™ Fabric Backed Tape*Primer recommended below 40°F.3