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FLAKES Decorative FLAKE / CHIPS TECHNICAL DATA PR ODUCT DESCRIPTION: Decorative Color Flakes / Chips are composed of waterbased resin materials, inorganic minerals, additives andvarious pigments. This product is random in shape, sized within a standardized range and custom blended with infinite options to achieve optimal appearance and colors for flooring systems. BENEFITS OF USE: Non Flammable water based Good Flexibility and strength Colorfast and UV stable Suitable in many environments Vast array of color options and blending Helps hide surface imperfections Consistent sizing VOLATILE ORGANIC CONTENT: Zero VOC’s – Does not contribute to VOC’s AVAILABLE COLORS: Many colors and color combinations are available PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: COLOR: Spectrophotometer ASTM E1866 Paases a delta E ≤ 1.0 Dry Film Thickness: Micrometer ASTM D1005: 4-5 mils dry thickness Shape: Visual Evaluation: Random Odor: Olfactory Evaluation ASTM D1296: Odorless Surface Texture: Visual Evaluation: Smooth Metamerism: Visual Evaluation ASTM D4086: Nonmetameric Sheen: 60° Gloss Meter ASTM D523: <15 units SHELF LIFE: Indefinite shelf life. DOT CLASSIFICATION: Not Regulated Decorative Paint Chips Dry Film Flexibility: Mandrel Bend Test ASTM F137* Interior Angle ≤ 110° Hiding Power: Visual Evaluation ASTM D6762: Opacity > 98% Size Distribution: Normal Sieve Analysis (100g / 90sec): ¼ inch APPLICATION and COVERAGE: Floor Application Coverage Rates: FULL: Partial: 5-7 ft2/lb. 25-200 ft2/lb. Coverage rates vary dependent on customer application methods and preferences and as such, coverage rates are not exact and are only provided as a guideline. Product can either be applied by hand broadcasting or with the use of a pneumatic hopper - blower gun. SYSTEM COMPATIBILITY: Chips are compatible with most epoxies, urethanes, polyurea, polyaspartic and many other potential systems. PACKAGING INFORMATION: This chips are available in package sizes as small as one pound and upward. (weights approximate) LIMITATIONS: The chips are random in shape due to the manufacturing process. Although broad compatibilities exist, the chips should be tested in unknown resin types of products Due to inherent product characteristics, small amounts of fine particles will exist in all orders. Although the colorfast pigments in the chips are UV stable, the specifications for the UV stability and environmental durability of your coating system will determine outdoor, UV and colorfast characteristics and suitability. Physical properties listed on this technical data sheet are typical values and not specifications. See reverse side for application instructions. See reverse side for limitations of our liability and warranty. 2

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MIXING AND APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Decorative FLAKE / CHIPSPRODUCT STORAGE: Store product in a dry area at normal room temperature. SURFACE PREPARATION: Surface preparation will vary according to the type of complete system to be applied. For a two coat thin build system (3-10 mils dry per coat) we recommend either mechanical scarification or acid etching until a suitable profile is achieved. For a complete system build higher than 10 mils dry, we recommend a fine brush blast (shot blast). All dirt, oil, dust, foreign contaminants and laitance must be removed to assure a trouble free bond to the substrate with the system chosen. A test should be made to determine that the concrete has an appropriate vapor barrier. This can be done by placing a 4’X4’ plastic sheet on the substrate and taping down the edges. If after 24 hours, the substrate is still dry below the plastic sheet, then the substrate does not show signs of eventual hydrostatic pressure problems that may later cause disbanding. PRODUCT APPLICATION: Application of the chips is dependent on system used and desired look. Typically, a primer is installed, followed by a mid coat selection. The chips are broadcast into the mid coat selection while the applied material is still wet. After the mid coat application has become tack free and cured, a flat blade squeegee can be used to break off any chips that may be protruding upward. After the use of the flat blade squeegee, excess chips can be vacuumed up. Finally, a topcoat is applied over the chipped surface to lock in the paint chips RECOAT OR TOPCOATING: Normally one top coat is all that is required. However, is some circumstances multiple topcoats can be applied when desired. CLEANUP: Clean-up is dependent on products used in conjunction with the paint chips. FLOOR CLEANING: Caution! Although very unlikely, some cleaners may affect the color of the treated surface. Test each cleaner in a small area, utilizing your cleaning technique. If no ill effects are noted, you can continue to clean with the product and process tested. RESTRICTIONS: Restrict the use of the floor to light traffic and non-harsh chemicals until the products used are fully cured. Keep the floor dry for this period (excluding the application of the product.) NOTICE TO BUYER: DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES AND LIMITATIONS ON OUR LIABILITY We warrant that our products are manufactured to strict quality assurance specifications and that the information supplied by us is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Such information supplied about our products is not a representation or a warranty. It is supplied on the condition that you shall make your own tests to determine the suitability of our product for your particular purpose. Any use or application other than recommended herein is the sole responsibility of the user. Listed physical properties are typical and should not be construed as specifications. NO WARRANTY IS MADE, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, REGARDING SUCH OTHER INFORMATION, THE DATA ON WHICH IT IS BASED, OR THE RESULTS YOU WILL OBTAIN FROM ITS USE. N0 WARRANTY IS MADE, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, THAT OUR PRODUCT SHALL BE MERCHANTABLE OR THAT OUR PRODUCT SHALL BE FIT FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. NO WARRANTY IS MADE THAT THE USE OF SUCH INFORMATION OR OUR PRODUCT WILL NOT INFRINGE UPON ANY PATENT. We shall have no liability for incidental or consequential damages, direct or indirect. Our liability is limited to the net selling price of our product or the replacement of our product, at our option. Acceptance of delivery of our product means that you have accepted the terms of this warranty whether or not purchase orders or other documents state terms that vary from this warranty. No representative is authorized to make any representation or warranty or assume any other liability on our behalf with any sale of our products. Our products contain chemicals that may CAUSE SERIOUS PHYSICAL INJURY. BEFORE USING, READ THE MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET AND FOLLOW ALL PRECAUTIONS TO PREVENT BODILY HARM. FLEXROCK COATINGS3