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FlexRock Coatings - Roofing Coating Instructions

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3x ADHESION OF OTHERROOF COATINGS From homes to apartmentcomplexes to shopping malls toschools, FlexRock Coatings™ isthe solutionSeamless and WaterproofBuy Online at FlexRockCoatings.com1

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G E T C O A T E D1. The owner/installer must prepare the substrate for the roof by addressing all of theconditions outlined in this document. Examine substrates to receive new roofing. Pleasedo not proceed with the FlexRock Coating installation until unsatisfactory conditionshave been corrected appropriately.2. Make sure the substrate is free of delamination and defects (holes & other openings,tears, cuts, and open or partially opened seams).If the defects are larger than 1/8”, repair before coating application.3. Clean, dry and clear surfaces must be used to apply coatings or repair, free from dust,grease, wax, or other incompatible substances to facilitate appropriate adhesion. Ifgrease, oils or heavy contaminants are present on the roof surface, remove them with amild detergent prior to final cleaning. The use of bleach mixed with water can be used toremove algae, fungi, or vegetation. Thoroughly rinse surface and allow to dry prior tocoating.4. Roof decks that are deteriorated or structurally unsound should be replaced.STRONG BY NATURE • HIGH PERFORMANCE INDUSTRIAL COATING SYSTEMRoof Surface Preparation A thoroughly cleaned roof iscritical for a long lastingapplication. Fluid Applied Reinforced Roof | 800.808.0414 |

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STORAGE AND MIXING Natural Minerals, Hemp and Plant-base Oils in thePart A mix will separate over time.Safety glasses, gloves, and protective clothing must be worn at all times.Part A:1. It’s recommended that Part A be stored at room temperature. Noless than 32°F (0°C).2. The Part A bucket should be stored upside down for ease of mixingwhen used. Flip over several (minimum one day) days before use.Part B:1. It’s recommended that Part B be stored at temperatures between 75° to 105°F(24° to 41°C).2. Product must be kept free of moisture. Keep container closed because the product absorbs moisturefrom the air over time.Moisture in the product causes it to produce CO2 gas which may causepressure build-up inside a sealed | 800.808.0414 | info@flexrockcoatings.comFLEXROCK™ROOF COATING INSTRUCTIONS|Visit: Prepared to CoatYou will only have 30 to 40 minutes (See curing estimates chart) to apply your coatingmaterial (after Part A and Part B are mixed together) to the surfaces before thecoating material starts to harden.In order to begin coating, the substrate must be dry which is generally not achievablewithout having the dew point temperature being at least 5°C or 10°F below thesubstrate temperature. Application temperature should be 45°F and above.When you finish mixing the Part A and Part B, the pot life will be about a half hourtemperature and a 24 hour cure. 1.2.3.FLEXROCK FXR-100

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Poured-In -Place into work area and spreadwith notched squeegee, backroll immediately.Roll Roll MixMixHOW TO APPLY FLEXROCK STANDARD APPLICATION: For 5 minutes, mechanically mixall of part A, making sure to scrape the sides and bottom. Theproduct contains minerals that settle during storage, makingcordless drill mixers unsuitable. Double auger mixers or otherpowered concrete mixing drill is recommended. After pre-mixing part A, add full part B while mixing. Continue mixinguntil fully combined, 2-3 minutes. Set up your work area andensure that you can use all of the mixed products within 30-40 minutes. G E T C O A T E DPour in a ZIG ZAG Mix ThoroughlyPourPourBack Roll / Brush OnUse 1/2” to 1” nap rollers Use smooth or notched squeegee3Use a short bristle brush/roller on smooth substrates.Use longer bristle brush/roller on rough substrates.(Care should be taken to back-roll immediately beforecoating begins to setup) Because the product constantlybonds to itself, a wet edge is not required.STRONG BY NATURE • HIGH PERFORMANCE INDUSTRIAL COATING | 800.808.0414 | info@flexrockcoatings.comSTRONG BY NATUREZero VOCsECO FRIENDLYECO FRIENDLYFLEXROCK FXR-100

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Fills cracks before curing to get a deep penetrationand bonds to surface with outstanding adhesionOutstanding Adhesion and SuperDurability For Your Flat Roof. FlexRock Coating is VOC-free,BPA-free, odorless, bleed blocking.Seamless and Waterproof3

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Safety glasses, gloves, and protective clothing must be worn at all | 800.808.0414 | info@flexrockcoatings.comNatural Minerals, Hemp and Plant-base Oils in the Part A mix will separate over time.1. Mix the FLEXROCK™ coating material Part A container well with a suitable mixersuch as those used with heavy duty hand drills for mixing small batches of masonry ormortar.2. Check to ensure that all minerals are mixed in. Mix until there are no lumps and thebottom of the container has been reached. Use the metal mixing blade and tap on theinside walls of the container including corners where the container bottom meets thecontainer sides to be sure. DO NOT THINRemember to Mix Part A Well.FLEXROCK™Mixing INSTRUCTIONS|9Do not worry about over mixing of Part A. It is important not to have any mineralclumps in your mix due to incomplete mixing. This will affect your mix ratio.After completion of Part A mix, add entire Part B material from jug into the premixed Part A container.Mix Part A (white) with Part B (brown) until Part A and Part B are fully mixed together.Once Part A and Part B are fully mixed get the coating out of the bucket by pouringonto surface. Do not leave bucket standing upside down on the surface being coated.1.2.3.Mix Part-A separately forfor 3-5 minsShake Part-BAdd Part B to Part A Mixtogether for for 3-5 minsIMPORTANT: MIX THOROUGHLYFLEXROCK FXR-100

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EXTRA HEAVY DUTYCOVERAGE GUIDES q . F t . P e r K i t 1 5 0 + -Skylights curbs Parapet wallsFilling ponding areasFill gaps, seamsDamaged rough surface 45 mil coverage +S q . F t . P e r K i t 1 7 5 + -MEDIUM COVERAGEFlat Smooth Surface 36-42 mil coverageLIGHT COVERAGES q . F t . P e r K i t 1 7 5 - 2 0 0 + -Fill and bond cracks and blistersMechanical PenetrationsAC and Duct work repairGreat for metal seam repairsSemi Rough Surfaces 42 mil coverage3 X' T H E A D H E S I O N P O W E R T H A T T H E L E A D I N G R O O F C O A T I N G S . E C O - F R I E N D L Y , A N D V O C - F R E ET h e h e a v y - d u t y o p t i o n i s p e r f e c t f o rf i l l i n g c r a c k s a n d i m p e r f e c t i o n s . g i v e sy o u m o r e m a t e r i a l t o a d d m o r ep r o t e c t i o n t o s o m e o f t h e w e a k p a r t so f y o u r r o o f . L i k e p o n d i n g w a t e rp r o b l e m s , a n d e x t r a p r o j e c t i o n f o rm e c h a n i c a l p e n e t r a t i o n s , c u r b s a n d ao v e r a l l t h i c k e r e n c a p s u l a t i o n .FLEXROCK FXR-100

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G E T C O A T E DBONDS AS IT FILLS CRACKSSTRONG BY NATURE • HIGH PERFORMANCE INDUSTRIAL COATING SYSTEM30 minutes working timeSeams and penetrations are the primary sources of leaks in roof systems. FlexRock Coatings™eliminates this vulnerability. Since the FlexRock Coatings™ mixture is applied as a liquid, it can fillgaps, seams, and cracks in the existing roof and substrate.CHEMICAL BONDFluid Applied Reinforced Roof SystemsUse 1/2” to 1” nap rollers Use smooth or notched squeegee3Use a short bristle brush/roller on smooth substrates.Use longer bristle brush/roller on rough substrates.Pour a ZIG ZAG Care should be taken to back-roll immediately beforecoating begins to setup) Because the product constantlybonds to itself, a wet edge is not required.PRO TIPAlways have a backup Poles, Rollers and BrushesBe well prepared with extra toolsBack Roll / Squeege Back Back roll the material or squeegee and the materialto evenly dispersed across the roof. The material will startto it here as soon as it comes in contact. Focus onspreading the material evenly. FlexRock Coatings willautomatically self | 800.808.0414 |

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PRO TIPFlexible Rock Coating is super versatile it can be applied extra thickfor added Roof Coating protection. By applying more material, yousimply add more protection and extend the lifespan even further. Add Extra ProtectionMechanical ConnectionsVent PenetrationsSkylight CurbsFluid Applied Reinforced Roof SystemsReinforce Problem AreasBrush on problem areas and create aseamless incasement. Cover the areas that you want to add extraprotection to first. then coat the larger flatareas.AC and Duct work repairGreat for metal seam repairsRepair torch down roofingBonds to cementitious roofsFlashing | 800.808.0414 | info@flexrockcoatings.comPolyester Fabric available at most home centers

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1. Blisters/Splits: To repair large splits/blisters, use polyester Reinforcing fabric 1/16″thick in three layers and spread 2″ to 4″ beyond the split/blister area.2. Flashing details, penetrations, and curbs, FlexRock Coatings 1/8″ thick shall beapplied over the substrate. The edges of the coatings shall be feathered for the water toflow over the flashing details.3.Roof Drains: Clear all existing build-up from around drains and sumps after removingthe clamping ring. FlexRock Coatings across the entire drain/sump area.4. Membrane Repair: Check the roof substrates carefully for defects (holes, openings).When repairing defects over 1/8″ wide, use polyester reinforcing fabric. Add a thickcoating in a three-course fashion and spread to 2” to 4” beyond the repaired areas.5. Fasteners: Cover all fasteners with FlexRock Coatings to ensure a watertight seal.6. Curb Flashings: All curb flashings shall be dressed in at least a 2” wide x 1/8” thick ofFlexRock Coatings7 .Curbed AC Units: All curb flashings shall be covered with at least a 2” wide x 1/8” Theperimeter shall be FlexRock Coatings FX-1008 .Penetrations: FlexRock Coatings shall be applied around the base of the penetration,extending at least 4” onto the vertical and 4” onto the base. Use additional material ifneeded9 .Seams: All seams and areas around roof protrusions (vents, scuttle hatches, pitchpans, etc.) are to be treated with FlexRock Coatings FX-100 at 1/8” thickening agentsuch as crushed walnut shells may be used if needed to achieve a watertight reinforcedseal.10. Skylights All exposed skylight fasteners shall be covered with FlexRock Coatings FX-100 All curbed corners joints shall be covered FlexRock Coatings at least 2” wide x 1/8”thick.11. Prior to applying FlexRock Coatings, inspect the preliminary work / flashing details forproblem areas (e.g., gaps, cracks, fish mouths, air pockets, etc.).Reinforcement GuideBuy Online at | 800.808.0414 |

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Metal RoofsThe FlexRock Coating system can be used on metal roofs that are at least24 gauge or heavier.Remove loose coatings, paint, rust, and scale using a wire brush andscraper, or by water blasting. Using a minimum 2,400 psi blasting setting,wire brushing, and power or hand sanding will help you remove looserust.Encapsulate all fasteners using FlexRock Coatings.A visual inspection of the entire base coat should be performed after theapplication is complete. After curing, inspect for defects and repair asnecessary.Note: Total minimum coating System Dry Film Thickness(DFT) for theentire coating system shall be a minimum of 32 mils nominally.METAL | 800.808.0414 | info@flexrockcoatings.comFluid Applied Reinforced Roof Systems

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OTHER CONSIDERATIONSTHICKENING: When a thicker product is needed to fill cracksor build up, follow small batch instructions and use any of thepre-approved thick-eners to achieve the thickness desired.Thickeners include: hemp hurd, crushed walnut shells, fumedsilica, crushed polyethylene, and powdered polystyrene.STORAGE: Ensure that stored products do not freeze. Store ina cool, dry place. Part B must be kept free of moisture. Keepthe container closed. Leave Part B open and it will absorbmoisture and create CO2 gas, which leads to pressure buildup.If possible, store part A pails upside down.SHELF LIFE: is recommended that you use all product within 1year. If product has been stored longer than 6 months, shakingcan aid in freeing settled | 800.808.0414 | info@flexrockcoatings.comOur factory-direct program is straightforward and designed to save you money STRONG BY NATUREZero VOCsECO FRIENDLYECO FRIENDLYSafety glasses, gloves, and protective clothing must be worn at all times.

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OTHER CONSIDERATIONSA FlexRock Coating should not be considered for:1. Surfaces prone to pedestrian traffic, decks, and frequent trafficbearing. Unless using a topcoat such as a polyaspartic.2. Surfaces that are not prepared, including but not limited to wet,dusty, oily, mildewed, heavily chalked, blistered, or otherwisestructurally unsound surfaces.3. Oil-bleeding and solvent-bleeding materials. The list includes,but is not limited to, some vulcanized rubber products, tapes, failedsealants, some caulking compounds and asphaltic/mastic materialswithout appropriate preparation.4. Surfaces where adhesion has not been verified by testing.5. New EPDM may need a primer or surface prep.6. Any type of roof shinglesIMPORTANT: FlexRock Coatings can only ensure product performance if the applicators strictly adhere to thisspecification.FlexRock Coatings Management must approve any changes to specifications in writing.5. DO NOT THIN6. Keep away from food. If rain is expected within an hour of applying the product at temperaturesbelow 35°F (2°C), don’t apply it. Be sure to secure the pail and tighten the lid when transporting. Storein a cool, dry, shaded location. Ensure lid is completely sealed.ROOF COATING APPLICATIONPULL-TESTING (BEFORE APPLICATION): For best results, conduct a pull test polyester high-performance reinforcement fabric to test the surface and to ensure no contaminants are present beforeapplication.STANDARD APPLICATION: For 5 minutes, mechanically mix all of part A, making sure to scrape thesides and bottom. The product contains minerals that settle during storage, making | 800.808.0414 | info@flexrockcoatings.comROOF REPLACEMENT ALTERNATIVE THAT WILL SAVE YOU THOUSANDSFor larger projects we highly recommend purchasing a dual auger mixer. Not all roofs are candidates for refurbishing. Use Extreme Caution when doing anyroof repair always use safety equipment. When in doubt consult a professionalroofing contractorDISCLAIMER: THE INFORMATION HERE IN IS BASED ON THE DATA AVAILABLE AND IS BELIEVED TO BE ACCURATE, HOWEVER, THE MANUFACTURER MAKES NO WARRANTY EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED REGARDING THE ACCURACY OF THIS DATA OR THE RESULTS OBTAINED FROM THEUSE THEREOF. ACCORDINGLY, WE ASSUME NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR INJURY FROM THE USEOF THIS PRODUCT.

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One FlexRock 5-Gal Kit Covers Aprox 150-250 Sq ft of flat smooth surfaces. Werecommend a minimum of 32 mills of coverage. Sq. Ft/Kit 32 ml @ 250 ft.². Flexible Rock Coating is super versatile it can be applied extra thick for added RoofCoating protection. By applying more than the minimum, you simply add more protectionand extend the lifespan even further. This thicker system is perfect for filling cracks andimperfections. A chemical bond is formed between FlexRock and the roof, creating awaterproof casement. *Coverage rates can vary depending on the type of roof substrate, surface condition andapplication technique.Coverage RatesSTRONG BY NATURE • HIGH PERFORMANCE INDUSTRIAL COATING SYSTEMG E T C O A T E D|FLEXROCK™ROOF COATING INSTRUCTIONSESTIMATED TENSILE STRENGTH - ASTM D412: 900 PSI (6MPa)PULL-OFF STRENGTH FROM STEEL - ASTM D4541: 1000 PSI with 95-100% cohesiveESTIMATED ELONGATION - ASTM D412: 50-100%HEAT RESISTANCE - CONTINUOUS: 212F / 100CMINIMUM SERVICE TEMPERATURE: - 20 to - 40 F / - 30 to - 40 CWATER ABSORPTION - ASTM D570:0.3% - 30 g/m2 @ 185F / 85C for 30 days.PERM RATING - ASTM D1653: USA PERM rating of 5 PERMS for 0.030 to 0.050 inches thicknessVOC Compliant in all 50 states.UV ResistantFood-grade and environmentally benign.Made of natural products, plant based oil, natural minerals and hemp.Incredibly durable in the harshest of weather conditions and atmosphericpollution.Strongly bonds to metal, asphalt, fiberglass, wood, concrete, brick, block inseconds.98 -100% adhesion compared to just 50% for epoxy.Tensile and bond strengths are the same.Autobonds 100% to previous FlexRock Coatings™ applications with notime limit.Remains flexible with 50 - 100% elongation protecting againstexpansion/contraction stress.Thermal and electrical insulating properties. Dries in 24 hours.This material is:Installing a new roof can be a long, expensiveand disruptive endeavor versus applying aquality liquid roof | 800.808.0414 | info@flexrockcoatings.comFLEXROCK FXR-100

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How To VideosHow To VideosHow To VideosGET COATEDSTRONG BY NATURE • HIGH PERFORMANCE INDUSTRIAL COATING SYSTEMOur factory-direct program is straightforward and designed to save you money Online Training and ResourcesBuy Online at FLEXROCKCOATINGS.comOnline How to VideosInstaller Network Choose Full Service Installationfrom Contractors In Your AreaSave Money and DIY We have a Online Video Training andResource for your crews, or a highlyskilled network of Professionals for youto choose from.Visit: | 800.808.0414 |

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INSTALLERNETWORKN E E D A N I N S T A L L E R ?Choose Full Service Applicationfrom Contractors In Your AreaHemp fiberis thestrongestnatual fiberin the worldOur factory-direct program is straightforward and designed to save you money STRONG BY NATUREZero VOCsECO FRIENDLYECO FRIENDLYWe have an online video training and resource for your crews, or ahighly skilled network of professionals for you to choose from.Industrial Hemp: A Win-Win For The Economy And The | 800.808.0414 | info@flexrockcoatings.comZero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP)Zero in the Emission of Volatile OrganicCompounds (VOCS)Free from Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCS)Ultra-Low Global Warming Potential (GWPEasily applied to complex and awkwarddetails or areas that are difficult to access