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FX-100 FlexRock Sealant Coating TDS - A

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ESTIMATED TENSILE STRENGTH - ASTM D412: 900 PSI (6MPa)PULL-OFF STRENGTH FROM STEEL - ASTM D4541: 1000 PSI with 95-100% cohesiveESTIMATED ELONGATION - ASTM D412: 50-100%HEAT RESISTANCE - CONTINUOUS:212F / 100CMINIMUM SERVICE TEMPERATURE:-20 to - 40 F / - 30 to - 40 CWATER ABSORPTION - ASTM D570:0.3% - 30 g/m2 @ 185F / 85C for 30 days.PERM RATING - ASTM D1653:USA PERM rating of 5PERMS for 0.030 to 0.050 inches thicknessFLEXROCK ROOF COATING TECHNICAL SHEETPOT LIFE: LESS THAN 45 MINUTESCURE TIME: 12 HOURS TO TOP COAT. 24 TO 36 HOURS TOFULL CURECOLD RECOAT WINDOW: WILL ALWAYS RE-BOND TO ITSELF.SOLIDS: 100% SOLIDS, SOLVENT FREE, VOC FREE COMPONENTS: PART A: PLANT BASED OIL, HYDRATEDGYPSUM - PART B: POLYMERIC (MDI)UN-CURED PRODUCT PROPERTIESFINISHED PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICSODOR: Mild, pleasant vegetable oil and minerals odor prior to curing - dissipates completely uponfull cure.WATER RESISTANCE: High resistance to water, sea water, hot or cold. SOLVENT RESISTANCE: High resistanceto most petro-chemical solvents with few exceptions. Refer to chemical compatibility charts. UV RESISTANCE:UV causes the material to discolor after prolonged exposure. No substantial degradation of coating. UV ResistantVOC Compliant in all 50 states.Environmentally benign.Made of natural products, plant based oil, natural minerals and hemp.Incredibly durable in the harshest of weather conditionsand atmospheric pollution.Strongly bonds to metal, asphalt, fiberglass, wood,concrete, brick, block in seconds.98 -100% adhesion compared to just 50% for epoxy. Tensile and bond strengths are the same.Autobonds 100% to previous FlexRock Coatings™ applications with no time limit.Remains flexible with 50 - 100% elongation protecting against expansion/contraction stress.Thermal and electrical insulating properties. Dries in 24 | 800.808.0414 | info@FlexRockCoatings.comFLEXROCK COATINGS HAVE A WIDE APPLICATION TEMPERATURE RANGE. FOR COLD-WEATHER ROOFING APPLICATIONS, THE TEMPERATURE CANBE AS LOW AS 45°F. FLEXROCK TAKES 24-36HOURS TO CURE FULLY — IN BELOW FREEZINGTEMPERATURES, THE CURE TIME MIGHT BESLIGHTLY LONGER. FX-100