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FX-866T PIGMENT for Exterior Deck - A

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GET COATED Exterior Deck TopCoat PigmentTECHNICAL DATA | 800-808-0414 | FlexRockCoatings.comFX-866T PIGMENTFX-866T PIGMENT

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2FX-866T PIGMENT, POLYASPARTIC PIGMENT (for DECK COATINGS)data as well as the FX-866T and Deck Coating Polyaspartic Pigment SDS's before use. Substrate temperature must beFX-866T, the product must be used within 4 hours and cannot be save for a later use. Read the FX-866T technicalNormally, the FX-866T Clear with added pigment is applied over suitable broadcastedTypically, a quart of the polyaspartic is added to five gallons of a clear FX-866T. After the polyasparticpigment is added to the FX-866T Clear, it should be mixed well with slow speed mixing equipment such as jiffyFX-866T Clear, transfer the mixed material into an oversized pail and again remix being sure to scrap the sides thoroughly to make sure that the colored polyaspartic pigment and the FX-866T clear component are thoroughlyFX-866T Clear with added pigment is normally applied at a rate of 80-100 square feet per gallon,coverage due to the greater surface area being covered. FX-866T Clear with added pigment is easily applied bystability. These pigments are typically added to the FX-866T clear Topcoat.Recommended for use with the FX-866T clear Deck Coating

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3FX-866T, and will also shorten the dry time of the per 5 gallons of the FX-866T Clear liquid will have a1 Quart Polyaspartic Pigment to 5 Gallons FX-866T Clear