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FX- Hybrid Roof Seal Instruction Guide

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FX- Hybrid Roof Seal is a complete roofing system based on hybrid STPU technology,ideal as a high performance alternative to traditional silicone, polyurethane, elastomeric oracrylic coatings. FX- Hybrid Roof Seal is single-stage, has no VOCs, is solvent-free, non-shrinking, non-flammable, and quick drying. It forms a durable, weatherproof membrane with excellentprimerless adhesion to a wide variety of building and roofing substrates.FX- Hybrid Roof Seal can be used on new construction, as well as a maintenance coatingover other single ply roofing, modified bitumen*, PU foam, metal roofing, and otherapproved existing roof coatings.FX- Hybrid Roof Seal can be applied with a roller, brush, squeegee, or airless sprayequipment. Full system includes a bleed blocker primer, edging sealant, reinforcing mat,cold weather accelerator, and one-part liquid membrane. This guide will outline basic application techniques, safety and environmentalconsiderations, and product limitations to aid in the successful application of the FX-Hybrid Roof Seal roofing system.25YEARYEARWARRANTYWARRANTYFX-HYBRID SEALERFX- Hybrid Roof SealHybrid STPU Roof Coating System Installation Guide (IS01) | 800.808.0414 |

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Hybrid STPU Roof Coating System1Health & Safety Considerations2Environmental Considerations2Storage & Handling2Stirring2Substrate Preparation2Equipment3Primer Application3Field Application – Conditions4Flashings, Laps, Seams, Joints & Fasteners5Spray Application5Spray Technique6Rolling | 800.808.0414 | info@FlexRockCoatings.comECO FRIENDLYECO FRIENDLY25YEARYEARWARRANTYWARRANTYFX-HYBRID SEALERInstallation Guide (IS01)Table of Contents

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Health & Safety ConsiderationsIt is the applicator’s responsibility to ensure compliance with OSHA, EPA, and any other localgoverning authorities regarding safety, disposal and environmental requirements. Any personshandling or applying any component of the FX- Hybrid Roof Seal Roof Coating System shouldfamiliarize themselves with all applicable product documentation, Safety Data Sheets (SDS),Technical Data Sheets (TDS), Product Specifications, and recommended application guidelines.Refer to the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for health and safety hazards and take all necessary measuresand precautions to comply with specified procedures. The applicator is responsible for ensuringconditions are suitable to proceed with product application, and that proper applications methodsare followed. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)Suitable protective coverallProtective glovesSafety GlassesFX- Hybrid Roof Seal contains no flammable solvents, volatile organic compounds, or isocyanates.However, while exposure levels will typically be below OSHA permissible limits when applying FX-Hybrid Roof Seal, system or components, in outdoor spray applications, suitable respiratoryequipment is recommended in case of insufficient ventilation. Environmental ConsiderationsEnvironmental conditions such as ambient temperature, surface temperature, humidity, precipitation,and wind can affect application and curing rates of FX- Hybrid Roof Seal, system and components.Applicator should monitor and confirm all environmental conditions are satisfactory to begin workand remain so during installation through completion of project application.Application may proceed while air temperature is between 41°F (5°C) and 77°F (25°C). Because FX-Hybrid Roof Seal is a Hybrid STPU, a relative humidity above 20% is required for the product to cureat an average rate of 40mil per 12 hours. Cure rate will vary based on relative humidity and substrateporosity. Storage & HandlingMaterial should be kept in original, unopened containers until ready for use. Store unopenedcontainers in a cool, dry place between 41°F (5°C) and 86°F (30°C). Storage outside of therecommended guidelines may affect the performance of the material, system or components. Shelflife is 12 months from stamped date of manufacture. Store away from sources of heat, open flamesor sparks. In order to spray in cold ambient conditions, store and maintain materials at above 70°F(21°C).StirringIf using FX- Hybrid Roof Seal Liquid Membrane in conjunction with Accelerator for use in coldweather environments, thoroughly mix the two components together with a low-speed mechanicalmixer for approximately 5 minutes to ensure a uniform consistency.Substrate PreparationThe prepared substrate bonding surface must be clean, free of any voids, oxidation, oils, wax,moisture, standing water and other release agents that may interfere with adhesion.

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For spray applications, use precautions and protect all surfaces that are not to be coated. Maskoff sensitive areas such as windows or equipment to prevent overspray. Where required, removeall mold, mildew, fungus, and other biological growth using a 3:1 bleach solution, or otherdetergent without strong acids or alkalis.Following any pre-treatment or cleaning, completely rinse and remove any detergents andsurfactants from the roofing substrate with a pressure washer (1,500 psi or higher, using a widefan tip). Thoroughly clean and remove residue, dirt, debris, biological growth, surface chalking,and all other materials that may inhibit adhesion of the FX- Hybrid Roof Seal Liquid Membrane,taking care to prevent damage to existing materials and building details. EquipmentAirless spray equipment used to apply FX- Hybrid Roof Seal Liquid Membrane can significantlyincrease production. FX- Hybrid Roof Seal Liquid Membrane may be applied with any sprayequipment meeting the following criteria:MINIMUM PUMP PRESSURE: 4,000 PSI (276 BAR)OUTPUT: 3.0 GAL / 11.3 LITERS PER MINUTESPRAY GUN PRESSURE: 5,000 PSI (345 BAR)MINIMUM PRESSURE @ GUN HEAD: 3000 PSI (210 BAR)Note: Temperatures will affect the viscosity of FX- Hybrid Roof Seal Liquid Membrane. Foroptimal application and improved production, FX- Hybrid Roof Seal Liquid Membrane should bemaintained at or above the minimum recommended temperature with appropriate drum orhopper heaters. The equipment below has been field tested and recommended for use with FX- Hybrid Roof SealLiquid Membrane:SPRAYER: GRACO GH 933 or GRACO XTREME X70GUN: GRACO XTR704TIP SIZE: .030 TO .043Other spray equipment not specifically evaluated by Seal It may also provide acceptableperformance. Seal It recommends referring to the equipment manufacturer for appropriate useand maintenance of all spray equipment and accessories. Applicator is responsible for using theirown knowledge, experience and judgment when selecting equipment and accessories for theapplication of FX- Hybrid Roof Seal Liquid Membrane. Keep observers and all non-essential personnel away from spray area. Be certain not to spraynear or over open energized electrical circuits. Turn off all air intakes within 100 ft (30.5m) ofspraying. | 800.808.0414 | info@FlexRockCoatings.comInstallation Guide (IS01)

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Primer ApplicationIMPORTANT: BLEED BLOCKER IS REQUIRED ON ANY AND ALL ASPHALT/BITUMEN Due to the nature of SPUR Hybrids, it is essential that an adequate amount of BleedBlocking Primer is used. Bleed Blocking Primer is required when applying Hybrid Roof Sealover cap sheet, bitumen-, and asphalt-based substrates. Bleed Blocking Primer should beapplied at a rate of no less than 1-1.5 gal per 100 sq-ft, or 16 wet mils. The mil thickness ofthe initial bleed blocking primer is in addition to the required mil thickness of the top coatof Hybrid Roof Seal.Certain substrates may not require priming to prevent bleed through or ensure adequatelong-term bond of the Hybrid Roof Seal (e.g., single-ply or low rise polyurethane sprayfoam). Adhesion should be confirmed by the applicator for all applicable substrates prior tostart of work. Perform an adhesion test on each type of surface or material to determinethe required surface preparation, if adequate bond can be achieved, and if primer isrequired.When required, bleed blocking primer may be applied using single component airless sprayequipment, 1-1/4in nap roller, or synthetic filament brush at a rate of no less than 1-1.5 galper 100 sq-ft, or 16 wet mils.Bond It’s Asphalt Bleed Blocker is a water-based acrylic formulation and must beprotected from freezing during transit, handling, storage, and installation. Lowtemperatures and high humidity will slow the evaporation and curing process. AsphaltBleed Blocker should not be applied over wet substrates, when the ambient temperature isbelow 41°F (5°C) or could fall below 32°F (0°C) within 24 hours of application, or whenprecipitation is likely to occur within 6 hours of application and/or before primer dries.Asphalt Bleed Blocker should be top coated within 48 hours of application to ensureproper adhesion. Prior to application, refer to individual published primer Technical DataSheets (TDS), Safety Data Sheets (SDS), specifications, and guidelines. The applicator isresponsible for ensuring conditions are appropriate to proceed with proper | 800.808.0414 | info@FlexRockCoatings.comInstallation Guide (IS01)

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10 Year15 Year25 YearMinimum Dry FilmThickness, DFT (1)25 mil30 mil40 milApplication Rates,Theoretical (1)1.75 gal /SQ2.25 gal / SQ2.75 gal / SQApplication Rates,Practical (2)2.00 gal /SQ2.5 gal / SQ3.00 gal / SQWARRANTY REQUIREMENTSMinimum Dry Film Thickness and Application RatesSQ denoted above is a SQUARE equal to 100 square feet.Theoretical Application Rates are provided to show material use to achieve minimum DFT in ideal conditions.Practical Application Rates are provided to show material use in a realistic environment, allowing for surface texture andporosity, wind loss, and material left behind in containers, on rollers, and/or in spray equipment. Each roof and project will bedifferent, and usage will vary. Use a wet film thickness gauge or similar to ensure uniform | 800.808.0414 | info@FlexRockCoatings.comField Application – ConditionsAmbient and substrate temperatures must be at or above 41°F (5°C) for roller, brush orspray application of FX- Hybrid Roof Seal Liquid Membrane if not using Cold-WeatherAccelerator. Typically, when applying FX- Hybrid Roof Seal Liquid Membrane at ambienttemperatures below 65°F (18°C), product should be conditioned and maintained at orabove 70°F (21°C) using appropriate fluid heaters. Temperature conditioning lowers thematerial viscosity, allowing for optimal application.If using with FX- Hybrid Roof Seal Cold Weather Accelerator, ambient and substratetemperatures must be at or above -4°F (-15°C).FX- Hybrid Roof Seal Liquid Membrane should be applied using single component airlessspray equipment or medium nap roller per the application coverage rate and recommendedmil thickness.Note: Because FX- Hybrid Roof Seal Liquid Membrane is self-leveling, at steep slopes of10° (2:12 pitch) or greater, application may require multiple thin coats to achieve the desiredmil thickness.Installation Guide (IS01)

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Flashings, Laps, Seams, Joints & FastenersRefer to project specifications and detail drawings for flashing specific conditions. Beforeapplying field coating, ensure all roof transitions, penetration flashings, laps, seams, joints,and fasteners are prepared as specified. Install flashings using FX- Hybrid Roof Seal EdgeSealant with FX- Hybrid Roof Seal Reinforcing Mat as recommended.Generally, all flashing terminations should be 8 inches (200 mm) minimum vertical heightwherever possible or completely cover existing flashings where applicable. Flashing heightshall be at least as high as the potential water level that could be reached as a result ofheavy rain and/or poor slope. All flashing shall be terminated and counter flashed inaccordance with industry-accepted practice.Spray ApplicationFor spray applications, filters should not be used. Adjust tip size depending uponconditions. Pump pressure, hose length, air temperature, and material temperature can allaffect spray pattern. Be certain to use clean, dry hoses as moisture in the hose couldpotentially react with FX- Hybrid Roof Seal Liquid Membrane and cause the material tocure and clog the hose.FX- Hybrid Roof Seal Liquid Membrane may be applied in single or multi-coatapplications. When FX- Hybrid Roof Seal Liquid Membrane is applied in two coats (suchas when using in conjunction with FX- Hybrid Roof Seal Reinforcing Mat), the second coatshould be applied perpendicular to first coat. When spray applying FX- Hybrid Roof SealLiquid Membrane, roof coating should be applied by roller or squeegee at roof edges andpenetrations to provide clean, straight edges and prevent overspray. Additional roofcoating (at a higher mil thickness) should be applied at seams, laps and | 800.808.0414 | info@FlexRockCoatings.comInstallation Guide (IS01)

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Ensure that the FX- Hybrid Roof Seal Liquid Membrane forms a continuous, pinhole-freemembrane. Repair any voids or pinholes as necessary. Verify application of all coats usinga wet mil gauge during application. When spraying, keep the spray gun perpendicular to the substrate using overlap spraypatterns to ensure uniform coverage, free from pinholes. In multi-coat applications andwith repairs, for best results, apply additional coats as soon as the first coat is cured. Spray Technique While spraying, the tip should be 12 to 24 inches (300 to 600 mm) above the substratewhile moving at a uniform rate to produce the desired mil thickness. Use a half-laptechnique where each spray pass is overlapped 50% for uniform coverage, ensuring nothin spots are present. Rolling Technique For rolling application, use a 1 1/4in nap roller. Use a half-lap technique where each pass isoverlapped 50% and back-rolled for uniform coverage, ensuring no thin spots are present. Curing Product cure time will vary from minutes to hours depending on applied mil thickness,ambient and surface temperature, substrate porosity, and relative humidity. Typical cure is12 hours for a 40mil application at 70°F (21°C) and 50% RH. Cold and dry conditions willslow curing rate, while hot and wet conditions will accelerate curing. Supplemental coatsand repairs should ideally be performed within 72 hours of initial application. Cleanup Remove FX- Hybrid Roof Seal Liquid Membrane overspray and clean tools and equipmentwith mineral spirits, MEK or Naptha before the material hardens. Flush hoses and lines withsolvent until all FX- Hybrid Roof Seal Liquid Membrane has been removed. Disclaimer The applicator is responsible for ensuring conditions are appropriate to proceed withproper application methods. Refer to Seal It product, specifications and guides for moreinformation. Materials and methods should be adjusted as necessary to accommodatevarying project conditions. Materials should not be installed when conditions areunacceptable to achieve the specified results. This Installation Guide is not in lieu of, or areplacement to any warranties, specifications, technical data sheets (TDS) or safety datasheets (SDS).Installation Guide (IS01)FlexRock Coatings™ Distributor of Bond-It