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Hybrid Roof Seal-Bond It

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Available SizesHybrid Roof Seal is a professional-gradehybrid roof coating. The high performanceformulation is solvent-free, low odor andnon-flammable, making it safer to usethan oxime or alkoxy-based silicones andpolyurethanes. Hybrid Roof Seal is asingle-stage, moisture cure monolithicroof coating that can be built up in asingle pass. Hybrid Roof Seal is suitablefor low-slope and zero-slope roofs, and ispart of our Hybrid roof restoration systemwith available asphalt bleed blocker andmastic sealant.Product UseProvides outstanding water resistance,weatherproofing characteristics, self-leveling properties, and is crackbridging, non-shrinking, and non-crack-ing. It can be used to extend the life ofexisting roof systems or for roof patchesand repairs to many common roofingmaterials.Application / InstructionsMix well before use. Ambient tempera-ture during application must be above40°F (5°C) unless used with the availableCold Weather Accelerator. Coating shouldbe evenly applied at a rate of 2.5gal per100sq-ft (40mil). Coverage will varyaccording to porosity of substrate to berestored. Asphaltic surfaces must be fully andcompletely coated with Asphalt BleedBlocker as per instructions. Any gaps incoverage can lead to product failure.Please refer to Hybrid Roof Seal instal-lation guide prior to beginning any work.Features & BenefitsHybrid Roof Seal100% Waterproof Hybrid Roof CoatingTechnical Data SheetHybrid Spur Technology High Solids Reflective, CRRC Rated No Solvents, Low Odor Single Component Resists Ponding WaterCures in Damp ConditionsPhysical PropertiesPackaging & Ordering InformationTypical Cure Time @ 70°F 10-12 hoursSkin Time60 minutesApplication Temperature 41°F to 130°FService Temperature-22°F to 203°FShore A Hardness40 +/- 4Elongation250%Tensile Strength216 PSITensile Strength w/ Reinforcing Mat340 PSICode ColorSize BarcodeHRS2WHWhite5.0gal810030760191HRS5WHWhiteWhite55gal 810030760511HRS55WH 275gal -2 gal5 gal 55 gal275 | | (800) 808-0414FlexRock Coatings™ Distributor of Bond-It

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Surface PreparationFor best results, surface to be coated should be structurally sound, dry, clean, free of dust, oils, loose granules,gravel, peeling coating, other foreign matter, and structurally sound. Organic growth should be treated with a dilutedbleach solution or solvent and rinsed thoroughly. Patch and repair cracks or holes with Edge Seal or Mastic asneeded, and ensure all fasteners, fixtures and vents are properly installed. All necessary precautions should be takento avoid damage to the underlying roof substrate.LimitationsIt is essential that asphaltic surfaces are fully and completely coated with Asphalt Bleed Blocker. Any gaps incoverage can lead to product failure. Because product is moisture cured, temperature must be above 40°F unless orused in conjunction with the available Cold Weather Accelerator. Do not use with expansion joints or for installationswhere the joints are continually immersed in water. Note: not suitable for use on LSE plastics such as PE, PP andPTFE. Application is not recommended if rain or dew is likely before product is fully cured. Customer must evaluateand make a determination of suitability and fitness of use in their particular application. Storage & Shelf LifeStore in original, unopened container, in a cool, dry place at a temperature between 40-86°F. Use within 12 monthsof date of manufacture. After opening, ensure containers are tightly sealed when not in use. Prevent from freezing.CleanupClean brushes or rollers with soap and water or mineral spirits before the material has a chance to harden. Curedmaterial can only be removed mechanically with a spatula or similar tool.DisposalDo not leave empty containers where residue could be harmful to children, animals or the environment. Remove anycontainers to a central disposal point in accordance with local regulations.SafetyKEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wear skin and eye protection. In case ofcontact with eyes, flush eyes with water. Wash hands thoroughly after use. For emergencies, contact your localpoison center. Refer to Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for complete information, available from your supplier or by visiting warrants the product to be free of defects in material and performance when used as directed for oneyear from date of purchase. Call (800) 808-0414 with your sales receipt and product container available forreplacement product or sales price refund. Manufacturer nor reseller will be held liable for incidental or consequentialdamages. For Labor & Material Warranty details, please refer to documentation for requirements.DisclaimerAll values presented in this document are approximate and subject to change without notice. Product is providedwithout warranty, expressed or implied, of fitness for any specific purpose. Because conditions and usage are beyondthe manufacturer’s control, neither manufacturer nor seller will assume responsibility for the use or misuse of thisproduct. Each user is solely responsible and liable for making its own determination as to the suitability of thisproduct for its own particular use and application. We assume no responsibility for coverage, performance or injuriesresulting from the use of this product. Liability, if any, is limited to replacement cost of product.Please refer to our website at for the most up-to-date Technical Data Sheets and SafetyInformation.Hybrid Roof Seal | Technical Data SheetFlexRock Coatings™ (800) 808-04141040 S Gaylord St. Ste 55Denver, Co 80208