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Benefits:w Used in conjunction with FLEXROCK FX-100 SEALANT COATING.w Heavy duty spunbond polyester.w Tear and puncture resistant.w Improves strength.w Rapid repair for blisters, splits and tears in existing substrates prior to coating.UsesUse of the FLEXROCK REINFORCING MAT with FLEXROCK FX-100 Sealant Coating provides more than 50% strength improvement when product has cured. It can also be used to make good tears, rips and damage to substrates as a repair patch, prior to using FLEXROCK FX-100 Sealant Coating.PreparationFollow surface preparation instructions for SEAL IT LIQUID MEMBRANE. FLEXROCK REINFORCING MAT can be applied straight off the roll or cut to size prior to use. ApplicationApply FLEXROCK FX-100 Sealant Coating and press the reinforcement mat into it with light pressure whilst the coating is still wet (refer to separate instructions for use of FLEXROCK FX-100 Sealant Coating). A minimum overlap of 5cm is recommended between adjoining strips of FLEXROCK REINFORCING MAT. Use a small amount of FLEXROCK FX-100 Sealant Coating to adhere the overlapping region. When the first coat has dried sufficiently to walk on (approximately 8 hours depending on conditions) apply a second layer of FLEXROCK FX-100 Sealant Coating to fully cover the mat and bring total thickness to at least 2mm. When using as a patch repair over blisters, splits, etc. then the mat and coating must extend at least 5cm beyond the affected area.Size1M x 25M roll.ColourWhite.Storage ConditionsShelf life is indefinite for the mat when kept in original packagingin cool, dry conditions.Disposal of PackagingDo not leave empty packaging where it could be harmful tochildren, animals or the environment. Dispose of empty packagingto a central disposal point in accordance with local regulations.Health & SafetyPlease refer to separate material safety data sheet for fullhandling, use and storage instructions. Keep out of reach ofchildren. It is the users responsibility to determine suitability foruse. If in doubt contact our Technical Department for advice. Note: this information is for general guidance only, since site conditionsand labour are beyond our control. It is recommended that users maketheir own tests to determine suitability. Never compromise on quality!Description: A heavy duty, spunbond polyester mat which is tear and puncture resistant. For use with FLEXROCK FX-100 SEALANT COATINGFLEXROCKREINFORCING MATSpunbond Polyester Repair And Strengthening MaterialTechnical Data SheetSEAL IT ONE COAT ROOF SEAL RANGE2

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Rev: V2 05/08/20Supercedes: V1 01/01/20FLEXROCK COATINGSThe data presented in this leafletare in accordance with the presentstate of our knowledge, but do notabsolve the user from carefullychecking all supplies immediatelyon receipt. We reserve the right toalter product constants within thescope of technical progress ornew developments. Therecommendations made in thisleaflet should be checked bypreliminary trials because ofconditions during processing overwhich we have no control,especially where other companiesraw materials are also being used.The recommendations do notabsolve the user from theobligation of investigating thepossibility of infringement of thirdparties rights and, if necessaryclarifying the position.Recommendations for use do notconstitute a warranty, eitherexpressed or implied, of thefitness or suitability of theproducts for a particular purpose.Specification SummaryColour White Composition Spunbond polyester Weight 70gsmSize 25M length; 1.016M widthPart of the Seal It One Coat Roof Seal RangeProduct / Order Details:Code Colour Size BarcodeBDOCRSM25 White 1M x 25M 50564374011683